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Anabolic steroids are medications obtained through the release of testosterone, one of the major male hormones. The release form can be pills or injections. The principle of action implies a complex effect on the body:

  • Activation of metabolic processes;
  • Slowing the decay of components of organic origin;
  • Protein and mineral metabolism is accelerated, the process of cell division occurs faster, as a result of which muscles grow much more actively.

Nutrition of muscles contributes to their accelerated growth with a rapid increase in muscle mass. Thanks to this action, the drugs are called building hormones. Substances attract the attention of athletes. For women, taking steroids carries the risk of an androgenic effect, that is, the formation of a male figure, due to the content of male anabolic steroids at the base of anabolic steroids.

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Anabolic steroids are actively used in medicine (treatment of dystrophy and pathology of the development of muscle tissue) and sports. The drugs have proven themselves in the treatment of various forms of exhaustion, osteoporosis, cancer. In sports, drugs are used more often to quickly build muscle, increase productivity in the training process, strength indicators. Steroids are often abused by novice bodybuilders, only if the dosages and rules of adherence are followed throughout the course, you can count on minimizing side effects for the body. Before you buy steroids, you should decide on the goals pursued, it will affect the choice of drugs:

  • For what purposes steroids will be used: gaining muscle mass, drying and definition, increasing endurance before the competitive process;
  • The intended result, the duration of the cycle, the dosage of the drug;
  • Set specific objectives and goals.

Experienced athletes usually choose a peticular choice of more potent drugs, and beginners tend to focus on the safety of using hormones. You can buy steroids online or at a pharmacy. In the latter case, a prescription may be required, and far from all pharmacies are selling specific “chemistry”, so you have to search.

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